Balanced Baby Sleep Support 

Optimize your baby’s sleep in a way that suits you and your family.

I want to . . .

Lay the foundation for solid sleep
Newborn Sleep Course (Coming Soon!)
Help my baby sleep independently
Baby Sleep Course (5 months - 24 months)

Enjoy Better Sleep

Help your baby sleep more regularly and more easily during bedtime, overnights, and naps.

Increase Your Confidence

Learn helpful tools (not outdated rules) to support and improve your baby’s sleep.

Enrich Your Motherhood Experience

Reclaim precious time with your partner, children, and family as a happier, well-rested unit.

How It Works



Purchase the age-appropriate program for your little one.



Watch videos, listen to audio instruction, and learn from Modern Sleep Mama to create the right sleep environment, and schedule for your family.



Confidently navigate your baby’s sleep on the journey to better bedtimes, overnights, and naps. 

Learn More About the Baby Sleep Course
Newborn Sleep Course (0 - 4 months)

What's Included?

- Learn your baby’s sleepy cues

- Practice contact naps, crib naps, and everything in between

- Prepare yourself and your little one for independent sleep in the future

Newborn Sleep Course (Coming Soon!)
Baby Sleep Course (5 months - 24 months)

What's Included?

- Establish a healthy sleep routine and environment

- Evaluate underlying conditions that play a part in your little one's sleep

- Help your baby go to sleep peacefully for naps, bedtime, and overnight 

Baby Sleep Course (5 months - 24 months)

Hi, I'm Shanna

Mom of 3 (including twins!), founder of Modern Sleep Mama, and paediatric sleep consultant.

I’ve been working closely with families and children for over a decade. Prior to becoming a Certified Sleep Consultant, I supervised a Behavioural Therapy program at the province’s largest children’s treatment and development centre and provided many years of direct-therapy with neurodivergent children. I have a M.Ed., with a specialization in Applied Behavior Analysis, and experience teaching as a professor at the college level.

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