Modern Sleep Mama Baby Sleep Course | 5- 24 months

Research-based sleep education and coaching for your little one.

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Yes, you can help your baby sleep independently and still practice loving, responsive parenting. Let me show you how.

Modern Sleep Mama Baby Sleep Course | 5- 24 months


✓ 3 separate step-by-step options for working towards consistent independent crib sleep: Choose the plan that suits your baby best!

✓ Guidance to help bring your family better nighttime sleep and lengthier naps.

✓ Navigating night wakings and overnight feeds based on your comfort level and baby’s needs.

✓ Optimal 24 hour scheduling based on baby’s and toddler’s age and nap needs; all the way through 5 months to age 4!

✓ Strategies to help you strike quality sleep and real life balance, contact and on-the-go flexibility, and getting back on track after off nights.

✓ Setting your baby up for success by creating the IDEAL sleep environment.

✓ Maintaining and navigating quality sleep during illness, regressions, travel and more.


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This course might be the solution you’ve been searching for, especially if…


- You are postpartum or expecting your first or next child, and want to feel fully equipped to navigate the ebbs and flows of baby sleep development.

- You want to create a safe sleeping environment where your baby is confident and familiar with falling asleep in their crib independently.

- You find yourself dreading naps or bedtime because you just aren’t entirely sure how to support a better and easier sleep routine.

- You value science-based sleep education and want guidance from a trusted professional.

This program is your invitation to…


– Enhance your confidence with navigating baby sleep development from early months, all the way through to the preschooler years!

– Lay the foundation for long-term healthy sleep hygiene for your baby.

– Become educated around the science of sleep, and how to apply the knowledge and strategies within your own home.

– Find joy and ease in predictable naps, smoother bedtimes, and more restful overnights.

– Drop the exact, cookie-cutter formulas and learn to tune into your unique child’s cues on the journey to better sleep!

Modern Sleep Mama Baby Sleep Course | 5- 24 months

Everything you will need to set your baby up for success with laying a healthy foundation for independent crib sleep.

Modern Sleep Mama Baby Sleep Course | 5- 24 months

A Comprehensive, Step-by-step Program for Independent Sleep



What's Included?
  • How to build a predictable, perfect, and easy bedtime routine
  • 3 different support plans based on baby's temperament, your comfort level, and preferred pace
  • Strategies for falling asleep independently in the crib at bedtime, overnight, and during naps
  • Complete sleep schedule guidance from 5 to 24 months
  • Everything in-between from sleep regressions, early waking challenges, underlying medical conditions, sleep + illness, travel, twin sleep support, and more!