A happy medium for paediatric sleep does exist.

It’s here - and I’m so glad you found me.

I’ve been working closely with families and children for over a decade. 

After completing my undergrad degree and a Post-Grad Behavioural Science program, I worked as a Behaviour Therapist at the province’s largest children’s treatment and development centre. During my direct-therapy years with neurodivergent children, I completed my M.Ed with a specialization in Applied Behaviour Analysis. I became a Senior Autism Consultant, and while doing so, I also worked as a part-time professor, guiding students during their field placement within Behavioural Science program.⁣ As a mom and a professional sleep consultant, I strike a balance between sleep science, behavioural science, and intuitive, warm responding.

I’ve now been a Certified Sleep Consultant supporting families for the last several years and I’ve created a place where you can come to find helpful, flexible tools (not strict rules), to support and improve your baby’s sleep.

Credentials + Qualifications

Certified Paediatric Sleep Consultant, Graduated from The Family Sleep Institute

Infant Mental Health Training through Sick Kid’s - current

Masters of Education with a Specialization in Applied Behavioural Analysis - 2016, Arizona State University

Autism & Behavioural Science Post-Graduate Certificate - 2013, George Brown College

4 Year Psychology Degree - 2012, Western University

My Philosophy

To guide parents in connecting scientific sleep education with loving, responsive parenting.

This is a space where we consider a baby’s development, normal sleep ebbs and flows as they grow, ideal schedules for their unique body, as well as the science behind optimizing sleep using variables such as routine, environment, and more. We drop the exact, cookie cutter formulas, and we tune into our child’s cues along the way to better sleep.

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